LASOS Lasertechnology

In the last century laser technology has become one of the key technologies in nearly all fields of industry and science. Many modern applications in manufacturing and research are only possible due to the unique properties of laser radiation.

Many world known companies and research institutes specialized in the field of Photonics are situated in the region around Jena also called the “Optical Valley”. Embedded in this tradition it’s the ambition of LASOS to built high quality products to serve industry and research with the right tools of manufacturing, measuring, analysis or inspection. Due to the precise knowledge of photonics developments LASOS applies the latest technical expertise for the supply of innovative products. Besides the highly qualified staff at LASOS this is supported by a network of research institutes and companies in which LASOS is integrated.

With the closed chain of development, design and manufacturing LASOS is able to adapt customer’s requirements and to deliver customized solutions including laser modules, optomechanical systems and fiber technology up to complete system solutions.

So LASOS has become the world’s leading supplier of laser technology for confocal microscopy.

LASOS laser technology helps to:

  • Detect cancer and other diseases
  • Encrypt the DNA to improve health care
  • Inspect the quality of our daily food
  • Analyze emissions to help protecting our environment
  • Inspect component parts to assure constant quality
  • Measure small length variations in construction site and many more.


ISO 9001

Quality Management

certified since 1998

ISO 14001

Environmental Management

certified since 2014

ISO 27001

Information Security

certified since 2019

With a focus on quality – ISO 9001 certification and regular facility audits by the German Technical Inspection Organization (TÜV) ensure that high quality is maintained in development, manufacturing and project processing, thus guaranteeing the reliability, consistency and sustainability of LASOS products. In addition, as a holder of an ISO 14001 certificate LASOS guarantees that all processes are observed with regard to the protection of the environment and the health of LASOS staff.


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