Laser Guide

What is a Laser?

A special device for generating and amplifying light. A laser produces a dense light beam that is advantageous in many different technologies and instruments. Lasers consist of three main components: a lasing medium, a stimulating energy source and an optical resonator. In general, laser light is single colored, coherent and directional.

The Word Laser is an acronym which stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”.

In a nutshell, a laser uses energy to excite tiny particles of light to line them up in an orderly manner. This precision and intensity makes the laser so useful and versatile in many fields from microscopy, interferometry, to holography, spectroscopy and metrology.

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Laser applications in Life Science

Laser application in Life Science
Lasers in Life Science

Laser applications in Holography

Laser application in Holography
Lasers in Holography

Laser application in Metrology and Sensor Technology

Laser application in Metrology and Sensor Technology
Lasers in Metrology & Sensing