LDM-XT Series

Laser diodes modules

Designed to fulfill specific customer’s needs

Modular concept

Compact and robust housing

Best price-performance ratio

LASOS LDM-XT Laser Series
Front view - LASOS LDM-XT Laser Series
Site view - LASOS LDM-XT Laser Series
Bonding - LASOS LDM-XT Laser Series

The LASOS® LDM-XT laser series is the latest generation of laser diode modules designed to fulfil specific customer’s needs for a particular application. Its modular concept allows adapting different requirements regarding optical and electronical properties. Whether it is delivered as an OEM component for instrumentation or for stand alone applications in science or research. The customer
has the choice between several options which ensure always the best price-performance ratio. With its compact and robust housing, easy setup and intelligent control the LASOS® LDM-XT laser series is the ideal choice when reliability and accuracy matter.

The laser diode modules are available in a free beam version or with a permanently aligned coupling into a single mode polarization maintaining fiber. The fiber patchcord can be designed by the customer choosing from various options regarding jacket and connectors. Additionally, the customer can choose from a range of optomechanical components like precision fiber plugs and sockets for adjustment free docking to an instrument or beam combining to transfer several beams into one collinear beam or (one) fiber.


Wavelength [nm]Model keyMax. output power free beam [mW]Standard output power fiber coupled [mW]High efficiency output power fiber coupled
375DLD-XT 37550n/an/a
395DLD-XT 3951004060
405VLD-XT 40525060150
415VLD-XT 4151004060
425VLD-XT 4251004060
445VLD-XT 445803050
457BLD-XT 457803050
473BLD-XT 473803050
488BLD-XT 48816065100
505GLD-XT 505652540
515GLD-XT 515652540
520GLD-XT 520401525
633RLD-XT 633853550
638RLD-XT 63817070100
660RLD-XT 6601004060
685RLD-XT 685401525
705SLD-XT 705351520
730SLD-XT 730351520
785SLD-XT 78517070100
808TLD-XT 8081205070
830TLD-XT 83022090130


SSl 1200

LASOS SwitchBox SSL 1000
  • CDRH compliant
  • Part of Stand Alone Kit

Power supply
12 V

LASOS Power supply 12V / 2.5A
  • Operating Voltage: 12 V
  • Operating Current: 2.5 A
  • Part of Stand Alone Kit

Head sink
LHA 1200

LASOS Heat sink LHA 1200
  • Operating Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Operating Current: 80 mA

Technische Zeichnungen

LASOS LDM-XT Free beam with shutter (TS version)

lasos ldm laser freistrahl verschluss ts version

LASOS LDM-XT Free beam with adapter plate (A version)

lasos ldm laser freistrahl adapterplatte a version

LASOS LDM-XT Fiber coupled with shutter

lasos ldm laser fasergekoppelt verschluss


LASOS LDM-XT Laser Series booklet

LASOS LDM-XT Laser Serie

Catalog download

Fields of Application

Based on the features the new LASOS LDM-XT series is the best choice for:


DNA Sequencing


Flow Cytometry

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