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Multi-wavelength Laser systems and beam combiner

Different designs for compact and flexible solutions

Benchtop devices and fully installable sub-systems

Free beam or fiber output

Different options for beam collimating and combining

LASOS Laser System Series - MCS6
Front view - LASOS Laser System Series MCS6
Site view - LASOS Laser System Series MCS6
Bonding - LASOS Laser System Series MCS6


MCS 4 / MCSL 4 series

  • Combines up to 4 wavelengths into one or two fiber outputs
  • RGB broad band fiber with optional separate IR filter
  • Customized wavelengths and output power combinations

MCS 6 series

  • Delivers up to 6 wavelengths with fiber output from a standard 19″ housing
  • Customized wavelength and output power combinations
  • Optional beam combining unit with separately switchable laser lines

Features of our multi-wavelength laser modules

  • Up to 100 mW output power depending on the wavelength
  • Customized configurations and modifications available
  • Standard fiber connectors or collimated beam output
  • Fixed or separable fiber coupling
  • Single mode, multimode or polarization maintaining fibers


Power supply
24 V / 3 A

LASOS Power supply 24V / 3A
  • Operating Voltage: 100-240 V AC
  • Operating Current: 1.5 A
  • Available for MCS 4 series


MCS 4 series

lasos mcsl 4 laser system draufsicht

MCS 4 series

lasos mcs 4 f1 01 laser system draufsicht

MCS 6 series

lasos mcs 6 laser system vorderansicht


LASOS Laser System series booklet

LASOS Laser system series

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Fields of Application

The lasers are designed for multipurpose solutions for scientific and
OEM applications:



Scientific & Education

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