The LASOS Product Family

High performance lasers

The LASOS product range encompasses gas laser technology, diode laser modules and diode-pumped solid-state lasers as well as system solutions and fiber technology. Development and production of these highly demanding laser systems require a profound understanding of customers needs. Due to precise knowledge of photonics developments LASOS applies the latest technical expertise for the supply of innovative products. Modern production management methods enable LASOS to support both, manufacturing in high volumes and products made to order.


LASOS DPSS-XP Laser Series

Diode Pumped Solid State Laser

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LDM-XT Laser Series

LASOS LDM-XT Laser Series

Laser Diodes Modules

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Laser Systems

LASOS Laser System Series - MCS6

Multi-wavelength Laser systems and beam combiner

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He-Ne Laser Series

LASOS He-Ne Tube Laser Series

Helium Neon Laser Tubes und Modules

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Ar-Ion Laser Series

LASOS Ar-Ion Laser Series

The Workhorse for multi-wavelength applications

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LASOS Laser Optomechanic

Beamcombiner & fiber optics

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