Lasers are used in microscopy to excite fluorescence in molecules either naturally occurring in biological matter or added by preparation of the sample with special dyes.
These dyes are combined with biological molecules forming fluorophores designed to bind to the target of interest in the samples e.g. proteins. The most common method
of laser based microscopy is confocal microscopy where a pinhole is used to ensure that only fluorescence coming from the excitation in the focal point reaches the detector
this enabling 3d images. LASOS is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of lasers and optical systems for confocal microscopy.

Where the Argon- ion laser was the standard in microscopy for a long time solid state laser are gaining more and more market share. Though the Ar- ion laser is still
attractive because of its unbeatable price performance ratio solid state lasers have advantages in size, power consumption and lifetime.

LASOS offers both, gas laser and solid state lasers, giving the customer the choice which technology suits best for the particular instrument. Furthermore, LASOS is able
to provide optical components like beam combiners, fiber technology, high precision interfaces and complete lasers systems as plug and play solution.

The variety of different methods in microscopy requires a variety of different laser sources as well which LASOS is able to deliver.

-         Large choice of different wavelengths to excite multiple fluorophores

-         High modulation contrast to enable imaging and photobleaching with one laser

-         Laser sources with higher power for applications like TIRF

-         Narrow spectrum lasers for use of high quality filters to improve fluorescence

-         Pulsed lasers for time resolved imaging