LASOS Announces Release of Stabilized He-Ne Laser

Wednesday, 08/16/2017

LASOS LGS laser series – for high-precision measurement

Although solid-state laser technology is gaining more and more importance while the number of gas laser manufacturer is decreasing globally, for some applications He-Ne laser have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. The outstanding performance, price and lifetime are only some arguments for the continuing usage of He-Ne laser in high-precision measurement instruments.

Besides the broad range of different types of He-Ne tubes and modules LASOS has extended its He-Ne laser series by a new, stabilized laser model. Whereas in the past LASOS offered He-Ne tubes as OEM products for the assembly of stabilized modules only, now a complete system is available. With the new LGS laser series LASOS reacts to increasing customer enquiries and requests for a compact solution for different measurement purposes.  It is suitable for OEM applications as well as for laboratory use. High-precision inteferometric length and surface measurement as well as holographic measurements are only some of the wide range of applications for stabilized He-Ne lasers.

The just launched intensity stabilized LGS 7662, the first member of the LGS laser series, offers 0.6 mW output power. Further models with higher output power and frequency stabilization are currently under development.