NEW - LDM-XT Series Laser Diode Modules

Wednesday, 02/10/2016

LASOS has released its latest generation of laser diode modules.

Jena,Germany– LASOS has released its latest generation of laser diode modules. Based on extensive voice-of-customer activity, this modular concept allows flexibility in optical and electronic configuration for both OEM and Laboratory applications.

 According to Dr. Juergen Meyer, CEO and Managing Director, “The new platform delivers possibilities for highly customized options in a compact, reliable and field-proven design.”  Product options include both free-beam and single mode fiber beam delivery, direct modulation to 300 MHz and wavelengths from 375 to 830 nm at power levels up to 250 mW. Units can be specified with Spectral Width of < 1 nm, enhanced M2 value or speckle homogenization. The LASOS Commander TM offers PC based controls via USB interface. Dr. Meyer states “The products also work seamlessly with many of our diode-pumped solid-state products, and as many as 8 wavelengths can be combined into integrated, multi-laser light engines.”  LASOS has an extremely large installed base, including both individual lasers and light engines.

 For more than 20 years, LASOS has designed, developed and manufactured robust and reliable gas, diode and diode-pumped solid-state lasers from the ultraviolet to the near-infrared.  With special focus on OEM applications in Biophotonics, Microscopy, Raman Spectroscopy and Holography, LASOS is the world’s largest OEM supplier for laser scanning microscopy. The company’s purpose-built facility is situated in Jena, Germany, a world center for photonics innovation and expertise.