Introducing LASOS MCS 5/MCS 6 Multi Color System Series

Monday, 04/10/2017

You like to use a Multi Color system but do not know exactly what is your research target of tomorrow? What is if it turns out that laser power or wavelength are not suited for your particular experiment and you have to upgrade a laser? Your budget is not high enough to buy all laser lines you need at one time? What is if one of the lasers of your Multi Color System fails and you have to return the whole unit leaving you behind without lasers in important work?

The LASOS series of Multi Color Systems (MCS 5 and MCS 6) solve these problems and have therefore become more and more popular for device manufacturers and researchers. Where many suppliers of Multi Color Systems try to get the devices as small and compact as possible the LASOS MCS 5 and MCS 6 are versatile tools offering high flexibility, easy handling and serviceability. Up to five or six lasers can be integrated in the units, respectively. Customers can choose from a wide range of wavelengths and output powers offered by the LASOS LDM-XT and DPSSL-XT series. All laser lines are provided as separate plug in modules which can be ordered separately. Installation or exchange can easily be done by the user itself. Due to the integrated beam combining unit and a broad band fiber patchcord the laser light is delivered right to the place where it is needed. Laser units and patchcord are customized offering a high degree of freedom. The users have access to each single laser line by a software using an USB connection. Changing the output power or high frequency modulation are possible.