LASOS at the Photonics West 2012

Monday, 01/16/2012

On the Photonics West show 2012 LASOS presents new developments in the LASOS DPSS laser series. The diode- pumped solid state lasers with wavelengths 594 nm and 607 nm will close the gap between the green/yellow lines and the red line at 640 nm. All lines can be provided with single frequency operation making them the ideal choice for applications were narrow bandwidth and long coherence length are required. The special optical design and an intelligent power and temperature control of the LASOS DPSSL laser series guarantee:

- Excellent long-term stability
- Low noise
- Exceptional good beam quality
- Long lifetime.

All lasers can be equipped with a single mode polarization maintaining fiber coupling.
A new catalog showing all the fiber coupling options will be available at our booth.

Please come and visit us.