LASOS as Key member of growth core »Tailored Optical Fibers (TOF)«

Tuesday, 03/21/2017

The LASOS GmbH in Jena is a key member of the recently launched Thuringian growth core »Tailored Optical Fibers (TOF)« for specially designed optical fibers and innovative fiber-based products. Official start of this project was January 2017 and it will take till end of 2019.

The regional growth core supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research consists of 18 companies and 3 research institutions with residence in Thuringia and Saxony. This high-tech alliance will develop a joint technology platform for tailored fibers in new photonic applications. The involved enterprises intend to market the new fibers worldwide subsequent to the project. Potential fields of application are: sophisticated fiber optic metrology in medicine and industry, innovative light sources for material processing and bio photonics, or light emitting textiles. Moreover, the cooperation will develop an efficient network, which will prospectively deliver tailored solutions for individual customer requirements.

In the context of TOF, LASOS will focus on the development of innovative fiber-based lasers with ultrashort pulse durations in the 100 fs range at various central wavelengths of 515 nm, 775 nm, 1,03 µm and 1,55 µm. Furthermore, the LASOS company will integrate the tailored optical fibers from the cooperating partners into novel white light sources delivering high spectral intensities (> 4 mW/nm) over a wide spectral bandwidth (> 500 nm) in the VIS and NIR range at very low noise (< 2% rms).