Product in Focus - Single frequency 640 nm DPSS laser up to 100 mW

Tuesday, 09/24/2013

The LASOS® DPSS laser series is the best choice when reliability and long lifetime matters. The special optical design and an intelligent power and temperature control guarantee:

- Excellent long-term stability
- Low noise
- Exceptional good beam quality
- Long lifetime.

The new member offers up to 100 mW at 640 nm in a single longitudinal and transversal mode, resulting into a coherence length of more than 100 meters at an M² < 1.2. The correspondingly high spatiotemporal coherence of our 640 nm DPSS laser thus exceeds by far the spatiotemporal coherence of free beam diode lasers at this wavelength. Due to the vicinity to the very well established HeNe-Laser wavelength of 633  nm, the 640 nm DPSS laser offers an affordable alternative to HeNe lasers with much more output power and a much smaller footprint. Thus, the laser is the source of choice for applications like holography, interferometry and high resolution Raman spectroscopy.

Housed in compact and robust packages, these lasers are the perfect choice for design in and integration into OEM instrumentation and systems and also for end user applications in research and development. The lasers will be provided as selfcontained laser modules, as OEM-component modules or as fully integratable subsystems with a compact controller as OEM or stand alone version with computer interfacing. Customized solutions for specific applications are possible. All laser models can be provided with a polarization maintaining, adjustment free fiber coupling.

 More technical information you will find under LASOS® DPSS laser series.

LASOS is a recommended laser manufacturer of the German Society for Holography
(Deutsche Gesellschaft für Holografie e.V.)