LASOS announces partnership with RPMC

Monday, 03/30/2020

New paths can only be taken together.

Der führende Laser Anbieter in Nordamerika und die LASOS schließen eine strategische Partnerschaft, um eine effiziente und sichere Lösung für das digitale Identitätsmanagement für Unternehmen, Verwaltungen und Nutzer anzubieten. Die Partnerschaft beinhaltet das gegenseitige Bereitstellen von Identifikations- und Authentifizierungslösungen. Somit bietet ForgeRock für seine Kunden eine getestete Anbindung zur Integration von Verimi Diensten. Verimi wiederum ist ID-Provider für die ForgeRock Plattform.

“RPMC is a great channel for us in North America because of their knowledgeable staff,” says Steffen Steinberg, Sales/Marketing Manager at LASOS. “Their thorough knowledge of our products and capabilities has the potential to add to the success of our sales in North America. We are pleased with the efforts of the RPMC team and look forward to a great year.” Dean Micke, President of RPMC Lasers, added, “LASOS’s gas lasers are an excellent addition to our product line. The excellent beam quality and performance of the gas lasers offered by LASOS will be attractive to many in the life science and other industries we support. We are honored that LASOS wants to commit to a long-term relationship.”

Wir sind sehr aufgeregt über diese neue Partnerschaft und blicken voller Zuversicht auf eine lange gemeinsame Zusammenarbeit 

Mit RPMC hat LASOS einen starken Partner gewinnen können, mit dem beiden Unternehmen noch besser im Rahmen des technischen Supports unterstützen können. Das beschleunigt die Vorhaben unserer Kunden entscheidend und bringt sie im Wettbewerb einen grossen Schritt nach vorne.

About RPMC:  RPMC Lasers Inc, founded in 1996, is the leading laser distributor in North America. We are an OEM supplier working with the technology leading laser manufacturers from the U.S. and Europe. RPMC supports the Industrial, Medical, Military, and Scientific markets. uRPMC offers diode lasers, laser modules, solid-state lasers and amplifiers, and fiber lasers and amplifiers.  Also, we provide a wide range of custom solid-state lasers and laser diode subsystems.

You can learn more about RPMC at their website

Um direkt mit unseren neuen Partner in Kontakt zu treten: 

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Why are LASOS He-Ne lasers especially suited for high precision measurement?

For precision measurement in an interferometer setup very often He-Ne laser tubes are used which are frequency stabilized to increase the coherence length. Usually, this is done by wrapping a heater around the tube to control the resonator length. For this purpose, short tubes are used (in the <2 mW range) which have only two longitudinal modes. These modes are perpendicular polarized to each other. A common approach to get the control signal for the heater is to separate the two modes by a polarizing beam splitter and to direct them on two separate detectors. A control electronics drives the heater in a way that the difference signal of the two detectors is kept zero.

In some cases, the two modes instantaneously switch their polarization state. This leads to a loss of locking at the control electronics. Tubes were this happens are useless for this application. This phenomenon is called “polarization switching” sometimes, though not quite correct, “mode hopping”.

This has been a big problem as this behavior is not predictable and lasers showing no polarization switching had to be selected with varying yield. To overcome this, LASOS developed a new manufacturing method allowing to suppress the polarization switching precisely and permanently. This development allows also to suppress the negative effect of weak magnetic fields on the polarization switching process.

LASOS is therefore able to offer He-Ne lasers with the guarantee of no polarization switching. Together with the excellent beam quality and the long lifetime they are the perfect choice for high performance instruments.