Wednesday, 01/16/2013

New! LASOS expands the LASOS® System series with two new members - MCS 6 series and MCS 4 series. Up to six different laser lines (MCS 6 series) from a wide choice of solid state lasers will find place in a compact and robust housing. A number of various options open manifold configurations for...

Thursday, 04/05/2012

LASOS has distributors in many regions of the world.

Tuesday, 03/06/2012

LASOS extends its LASOS® DPSS laser series by two new models.

Wednesday, 02/01/2012

The LASOS® Fiber series offers a high degree of flexibility when a fiber coupling is desirable. It provides the possibility to separate the laser light source from the application enabling compact and modular solutions in industry or research. The customers can choose from a variety of standard...

Monday, 01/16/2012

On the Photonics West show 2012 LASOS presents new developments in the LASOS DPSS laser series. The diode- pumped solid state lasers with wavelengths 594 nm and 607 nm will close the gap between the green/yellow lines and the red line at 640 nm. All lines can be provided with single frequency...